So you can partake in all the amazing resources that Karen's Energy (aka and offers through Coaching, Classes (Live & Online), Group Workshops, Teleseminars, Webinars, Retreats, Certifications & More!

Purchase My Annual Membership

What is a PMMA?

A PMMA is a Private Medical Membership Association.

In order to help you to the best of our ability we need you to join our PMMA.

The Process is Simple - we ask you to read our Articles of Association, pay a low administrative fee to cover your membership dues and sign our PMMA Contract (which entitles you to many benefits including early access and savings! Plus, the ability to attend retreats, webinars, calls, coaching sessions and even some of our events and classes for free).

A PMMA protects both you and us. It is designed to create as you will, a club, where members can speak freely with one another.

It's good to note up front that this membership is annual and will autorenew on your billing anniversary. 

Best of all, you'll soon be part of a COMMUNITY where you can connect with others, including Karen, dozens of doctors, health/healing professionals, and the amazing AEIOU team!

Step One: 
Read the Articles of Association
  • Articles of Association for Karen's Energy (also known as and which you can access here

Step Two:
Read the PMMA Contract

Step Three:
Pay the $10 Administration/Membership Fee

This is on auto-renewal and will auto charge on the day you purchase NOT the date your signed contract is received, so it's important to complete this process now!

Look for the Coupon Code to enter on the next page.

When ready hit the Green PURCHASE ORDER BUTTON and go to the order page to find your COUPON CODE.

You will need to fill out all your details (or sign in if you already have an account at - check the TERMS box and allow us to EMAIL YOU box ... Then you'll be directed to the final step.

Last Step:
Sign the PMMA contract Online 

After you complete your purchase, you will be taken directly to the form where you can complete the contract and and e-sign it right now (online).

Need Help? Call the office at 262-339-4024

Watch for a little gift from us to you when we get your PMMA Contract in hand, but first - go Access You Membership Account - CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON BELOW.