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January 12th - Understanding the AMAZING Endocrine System

How to Keep the Endocrine Glands Healthy, Happy and Producing Hormones Naturally!

January 5th - Mastering Vision Boards

Special thanks to those who were on the very first EMPOWERED Thursday call live with us! We appreciate your support and felt the love!

If you want to listen in, you can access the call right here.

During the Empowered Thursday call, Karen mentioned:

The Forgiveness 
A recording about how to work through the process of forgiveness and why it's so very important. 

Electical You Video 
A video about EMFs that is 45 minutes of great information if you have concerns about harmful wifi signals, dirty electric in your homes, how it might be effecting you health and more.
You can watch it here now.

Want to Dive Deep into Forgiveness? 
Take a moment to understand drama and the roles we inadvertently play and watch the 8 minute Drama Cycle Video... I dare you not to walk away with at least three AH-HA moments! Watch now.

(We will be adding links to those to mentions very soon!)

EMPOWERED Thursdays - January Schedule!

Each Thursday Karen will dive into a subject for 30-40 minutes and then follow up with 20-30 minutes of live Q&A time.

Understanding the AMAZING Endocrine System.

How to Keep the Endocrine Glands Healthy, Happy and Producing Hormones Naturally!

Thursday, January 12 @ 7PM EST

Sleep, is it Humanly Possible?

The How’s Why’s and Tips to a Good Night Sleep

Thursday, January 19 @ 1PM EST

Parasites, Viruses & Flukes

What’s Living Inside of You?

Thursday, January 26 @ 7PM EST