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We are a global movement that focuses on getting back to the basics of health.

Karen Urbanek

Compassionate. Fun. Outrageous. Sassy. 

Karen had this vision of an online educational platform for years... and to have it finally here with AEIOU.world is SUPER EXCITING for her... and her old (and new) team! 

Karen's journey to health started very early and involved LEARNING all she could to get well. That's why she's partnered with two amazing women to bring this education and more to light!

Karen's story to health is very personal and important for her to share in her voice.

Her story is the reason she's worked endless hours, taught numerous classes, studied countless years, researched non-stop for the last two decades plus, opened countless stores, commerical kitchens and worked tirelessly to help people heal.

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Jenna Julianne

Kind. Gentle. Smart. Beautiful.

Jenna's Story

Jenna Julianne was 15 years old when her mother, Karen, came home with the (then) crazy idea to live a 90%+ Raw Food Diet. She readily admits she may have stomped her foot a time or two before taking on the challenge of a new lifestyle.

Now 12 years later, she is still hooked for LIFE! Jenna is known as “The Energizer Bunny!” and has enough energy to keep working side-by-side with Outrageous Living author, Karen, aka her mom, because of the Raw Food Diet she enjoys!

She knows you’ll LOVE the educational courses provided on AEIOU.world and is thrilled to be a part of this movement from the very beginning. Jenna is often in the office answering questions, taking product orders or out filming interviews and course Karen has drafted up.

You’ll see Jenna in front of the camera occasionally, but mostly behind the scenes, as she is also an award winning international photographer & videographer (www.JennaJulianne.com) and responsible for all the awesome filming that goes on here at AEIOU. Her side project (and life-long dream) is to film her movie How America Got Grit which depicts the life of the cowboy. Now how cool is that?!

Jenna has witnessed life transformations of thousands having worked with Karen now for more than a decade. She is excited by what's to come and knows you’re on this site because this is the next step for you and she's thrilled to support you!

Jill Stevens

Brilliant. Organized. Huggable. Bossy*.
*in a good way!

Jill's Story

Jill's interest in health and wellness has always been in her radar, yet when her iron dropped dangerously low, healing became front and center. She learned everything she could, became a Certified Health Coach (just because) and worked closely with some amazing doctors like Dr. James D'Adamo, the grandfather of the blood type diet. 

Jill is an writer, educator, coach and all-around "Jill of All Trades." She's passionate about all things kids and started her first online business in 2009 with EducationLady.com, which is still thriving today! In addition, she left the public school system to start and build up a 6-figure tutoring business (which she now teaches others how to do). Fun!

Jill is Team AEIOU's behind-the-curtain person, helping to support Karen and work side-by-side with Jenna to build the dream of an online platform of eductional resources that bring the basics back to health and wellness. The synergy between the three women is hard to miss and beautiful to watch. 

She works to keep everyone on task and all systems in working order so that your experience at AEIOU is one of total enjoyment and effortless learning.

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