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[etc] Gardening For Great Health, Even When You Don't Know How

live calls Apr 17, 2017

A Gardening Jam Session with a Master Gardener - Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Let’s get Gardening With the Master! Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an amazing dentist into bringing naturally, healthy elements into her dentistry who became the Amazing Plant Doctor!

Did you know there is an entire world living beneath our feet?

Microbes, bacteria, insects, worms, organisms without names, root systems,...


[SuperNews] Is Your Non-GMO Food Holding A Little Know GMO Secret?

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2017

Recently we had an EMPOWERED Thursday call on breakfast.  During this hour, we covered a ton of useful information on what to eat and when to feel and look your best. But one side trip created a stir of excitement in those listening. And in me!

Did you know that non-GMO foods are NOT ALL non-GMO!?!

In researching, I discovered, simply because I was curious, that many of labeled non-GMO...


[etc] How to Enjoy A Healthy Summer While Being Deet and Suntan Lotion Free!

live calls Apr 10, 2017

Our skin is AMAZING!

It acts like a raincoat so we don’t melt in rain, thanks to keratin, the outer layer. This layer protects our blood vessels, nerves, tissues, organs and glands. Big job!

Our skin wards of dis-ease from unwanted fungus, germs and bacterias. Plus, it is the ultimate temperature regulator by creating sweat to cool us down when we start to overheat.

This outer layer...


[SuperNews] You Were Born To Stand Out, Are You?

supernews Apr 04, 2017

There is an awesome quote we raised our kids with and it recently came to mind as my youngest sat struggling with a homework assignment.

“Why do you try so hard to fit in if you were born to stand out?”

See, all my children have been taught to stand up for themselves and to not be afraid to stand out.

To be different.

To not go with the flow simply because it’s easier.



[ETC] Tips and Tricks to Emotional Pet Care With Ana Maria

live calls Apr 03, 2017

Emotional Pet Care:
How your emotions are reflected by your pets and your pets in you!

You’ve been there, it’s happened to you.  

You walk in the door from a hard day and your pet crawls up on your lap.   They snuggle and start to purr and you didn’t say a thing. Perhaps you just wept.

The next day you come in with smiles and excitement, and your pet is...


[SuperNews] Step Into Spring By Planting The RIGHT Seeds

supernews Mar 28, 2017


It is so great to see plants popping out of the ground again.  I LOVE SPRING!  We get to see all new life bloom around us. Roger and I are already planting seeds in the ground this week for an early veggie harvest.

That ol’ the seasons of life metaphor hit me again this morning.

You see, spring is associated with planting; new birth; a new beginning.  



[etc] Going 75% RAW Doesn't Have To Be Hard or Taste Bad!

live calls Mar 27, 2017

It didn’t have a name or a following of awesome people seeking a healthier lifestyle back in the early 2000’s.

The way of life we plunged our family into was just that - a way of life!  

We were already avoiding most meats, dairy, and the only time we indulged in a boxed-food was in Eagle River, WI during our annual Winter Vacation with Grandma and Grandpa.  

Each of the...


[SuperNews] 11 Ways Laughter Can Improve Your Health Starting Today

supernews Mar 21, 2017

We have heard that laughter is the best medicine.  

And scientifically that’s true!  

Laughter literally eases anxiety, relieves stress, relaxes your heart muscles, decreases pain, boosts immunity, lowers stress, and can even help you live longer!

I recently met with someone and talked about anger and depression. Exciting, I know.  But it really was a great meeting!...


[etc] Breakfast! For More Energy, Easy Digestion and an Upbeat Mood, What You Eat First Thing Matters

live calls Mar 20, 2017

Good Morning to Your Cells! That’s what this Thursday's call is all about!  

Yes, it’s that wonderful time when we wake up, yawn, stretch, wiggle our toes, swing our legs and place our feet on the cool tile floor or sink into the thick carpeting, look at the mop on our heads, hoping no one comes to the door, and then we hear or feel it….

The low rumble in the...


[SuperNews] 5 Steps To Take For A Healthier Heart Today!

supernews Mar 14, 2017


My consultations for A-fib (Atrial fibrillation) and irregular heart rhythms are at an all time high.

With the rising prescription medication use, alcohol consumption, aspartame and food toxins being used in our food supply, (without regulation), and thyroid disorders, a heart doctor will never have a dull moment.

Unless you read this first!

My very favorite mineral,...

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